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You Made Me Do It

Things that Drive Women to Cheat

A recent study found that 73% jumped in bed with another man because of irritating behaviors.


According to theHuffington Post, here’s a rundown of the 10 most irritating behaviors that the women used as excuses for cheating.

I am glad it says “used as excuses”. It is always good to blame the other party. “You made me do this. How can you be so sloppy? No wonder I cheated!” Most women could be in bed with a different someone every night of the week,  if we go according to this list.  No one can disagree that these traits are annoying.  Cheating is one answer, or you could discuss with the offending party  (yes I know. Who am I kidding?) or end the relationship.  Multiple offenses? Move on.

1. He lacks a sense of humor – 19%

2. He’s not understanding enough – 16%

3. He’s not good in bed – 14%

4. He lacks good manners – 11%

5. He’s lazy and doesn’t have any life plans – 10%

6. He doesn’t care about his appearance and has poor hygiene – 9%

7. He’s not successful – 7%

8. He doesn’t pay enough attention to details and social obligations – 5%

9. He’s unable to clean up after himself and he’s a mama’s boy – 5%

10. He’s stingy – 4%