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Writing a profile? Sending a message? Make sure you have a good photo. Try to smile. And, equally important, remember spelling, grammar, and punctuation on occasion.  Sometimes I take a shortcut,  if it is a quick text. But, if I am on a dating site and looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, I think I would take some time to perfect my sentences. Use a spell check, look up a rule or two.  Know what you are saying and try to be presentable. Think of it as putting on some nice clothes , washing your hair, and wearing clean socks. It is one of your first impressions . Your soul mate could be on the other end of that sentence and you just blew it.


 I know I am not alone in this, because I have seen other blogs about poor grammar and spelling. I think it says a lot about a person. I know there are people that are simply bad spellers. Even with practice, I am not sure you can change that. Sort of like having a bad sense of direction, And yes, I am speaking from experience. I can spell with the best of them, used to win little spelling bees in elementary school. But I cant find my way out of a parking lot.  Maybe someday I will write about that. Kind of sad , but I have accepted this affliction.  We’ll save that for another time.

Take words like:


3 different words. 3 different ways to use them in a sentence.

Not, “your beautiful.” Cant even take that as a compliment.

THERE, THEIR and THEY’RE. This is a big one too. Show me you listened in school just a little bit.

“Oh  your from New York? I have never been their.” Double whammy! Good . Don’t come.

TO, TOO, TWO. Three of the simplest little words in our dictionary, yet so few people can use them correctly. At least the ones that are messaging me on the dating sites.

“ I like the beach to.

I can’t really explain why this is like nails on a blackboard to me, it is more a feeling that takes over my entire being. When I see little mistakes in a profile or in a message to me, I immediately develop attitude. Then sometimes I read it to see how many more errors I can find. Is it being too critical? I think it’s more of a preference.  

Switching THEM and THOSE as in , “Look at them shoes.” Makes me crazy!  It could be an educational factor, maybe someone who never listened in English class. That was my major in college.  And I will say, I loved English all through my school years before college. Even grammar lessons.  


One fine example is “if you don’t mine, you can text me”. Spelling , broken English? Not sure ,but it doesn’t matter. I “mined

Came across a profile- no picture . headline says: Tall, fit, and hansom.

See  wikipedia for “hansom cab.” The hansom cab is a kind of horse-drawn carriage designed and patented in 1834.  Image

That was it for me. Judgmental? Critical? Maybe.