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On a Serious Note…

Online dating.  It is said to be daunting, humorous, and most of all, scary. Many of us have been there. I have written many times about men who write such hard to believe drivel, and want my email or phone number so we can learn about each other. Happens all of the time. There are constant warnings about meeting in private, making sure you meet in a public place, not sharing your address and phone numbers immediately, and so much more. Pictures are important, but, as I, and I am sure many others have experienced, they don’t always match the person you meet. I remember meeting someone, who, when we chatted and I saw his profile pictures, was a good-looking man. I met him, in a public restaurant, and it turned out he not only used his friend’s photo, but he lied about his age as well.

This Washington Post article talks about the dangers of meeting people from online sites. This particular incident discussed, which sadly includes murder, was an ad placed on Craigslist. But, as we all know, the dating site most likely does not matter. There are predators and crazies lurking anywhere.

This article tells you to think like a cop. Be wary, don’t be so trusting right away. Is he or she legit? Are they really who they say they are?

This gentleman was a married man, looking for a man to have a secret sexual encounter. Instead, he got a woman who robbed and stabbed him to death in a hotel room. A sad story, but hopefully, a wakeup call for many who thinks it will only happen to someone else. A cautionary tale to be aware of when chatting online and preparing to meet for that first date. The only scary part should be whether you like him or her and whether there could be a second date.

Read it and hopefully it will keep us all on our toes.



Lost in Translation

Here is a conversation that took place with someone I actually had gone out with a few times. We had a decent time together. Good conversation, a bit boring at times, but enough where we went out more than once. We met for a drink a couple of times and then this phone call.

He: “Would you like to go out? “

Me: “Sure. When and what did you have in mind?”

He: “ Oh i dont know . I can come over.”

Me: “I thought you meant go out.”

He: “Oh we can just watch a movie at your place.”

Translation: I want to come over and we will have sex.

Second attempt, about a week later

He: “Well, what are you doing this weekend? Lets get together.”

Me: “What did you want to do ?”

He. “Hmmm maybe I can come over.”

Translation: I want to come over and we will have sex

Third attempt. a few weeks later

He:” I cant wait to see you. ”

Me: “Actually, I am not feeling well. I think I am getting a cold.”

He: “Oh you don’t feel well? Don’t worry I can take care of you”. “wink wink.”

Translation: I can come over and we will have sex.

Few days later

He: “I thought I would come over.”

Me: “Well I dont know. Lets go do something.”

He: “ Oh come on. Havent seen you in weeks.”

Me: “Lets meet up somewhere.”

He: “Oh , do you have wine?”

Translation: I could always come over and we can have sex.

He: “But if you dont , that is ok.”

Translation: We don’t need wine to have sex.

There are times persistence pays off. Then there are the times where it does not.

Wanna Fight?

 I bet someone, at some point, had at least one of these.  Whether it is with a husband,  ex-significant other , or boyfriend.

Read on- What do you think?




A Match Made in Heaven

I do wish the men would read my profile carefully, or maybe I should say, just read it! I guess many look at the photo and then the immediate profile, age, location,  and picture. You see,  I have gotten many responses from men  who love camping , hiking, fishing , etc. And,  I will say, without shame, my profile clearly states , A. I grew up in a city.  And B. I am not the “outdoorsy” type. This was confirmed when I received a message from a very nice outdoorsy gentleman, from Alaska, and yes, he was holding a fish. A very large fish, which I will assume he was quite proud of. I did thank him for the compliments he had given me,  and we had a brief discussion on Alaska and weather and that was that. I do feel bad not complimenting his fish.

There were a few I would decide to pursue. Well pursue is probably too strong of a word. I would say more like,  send a message and see what happens. I found I prefer to receive a message and then respond , rather than being the one to initially send the message first . I have done that and gotten no response. I didn’t like that. Rejection issues?

I have had some very interesting conversations on the message board of the website, but unfortunately, just when I think a guy sounds nice, he then goes for the sex card.  Flattery will get you nowhere. You are sexy, beautiful, are you looking for a sexual relationship?  Blunt and to the point. They may offer dinner first, some do, some don’t.  But, clearly, if I chose to,  I could  fill my nights, and even some days, with these “generous” men .