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So back to the profiles, I responded to 2 of them and yes I  accepted dates with them.  First one, who was 59 years old, suggested a place for drinks and appetizers.  Good for a start. Not too long, but enough time to chat and get to know each other.  We ended up talking for almost 3 hours, which really surprised me. The time went quickly and it held our interest.  Good conversation, a few laughs, talked about the dating site and our experiences. I didn’t really have much to share about that, but he seemed to be a veteran. I  thought  the evening went okay.   “Well let’s do this again” he said , and that was that. No contact since. I stand corrected, I did receive a message asking how  I was , and was I  having any luck on the site. I responded with I  am doing fine and yes I was having fun. It was mostly true  and I felt  that was the only answer he deserved to get.  Oh well, no great loss there.

The other gem asked me to go for a drink also. He was 51. Yes, as you will see, I like younger men.  We went to a nice local eatery and  thought a glass of wine was in order ( I do get a bit nervous initially)    First thing, which I feel I need to emphasize, is , that if you post a picture on a dating site, try your best to look like that picture. Don’t post a picture that you took ten years ago and is,  at least,  25 pounds lighter. I did a double take when I saw him, and a second one when he proceeded to complain about all the women he had previously met on this dating site  that didn’t resemble their pictures! Really I thought, did you look at yours? We chatted for about 45 minutes and parted. Would I see him again? Not sure. I figured I would play it by ear.

Trying not to be a complete snob, I  decided to go for a second date when he asked.  He wanted to pick me up at my house. No thank you I said, I will meet you. First rule of online dating. Do not have them come to your house. Always meet them in a public place.  So I did and though I had agreed to this restaurant,  it was awful. . The food was terrible and my date stared off into the distance the entire time we sat opposite each other.  He talked  in my direction,  but made sure he didn’t miss anything coming in or out the door. That never sits well with me.  But the icing on the cake was when he so graciously offered to follow me home and “watch a movie”.  Is that what they call it now? hint hint. NO THANK YOU  I offered back. and promptly left praying he wasn’t following me. Two weeks later , I received a message from Mr. Manners,” hey let’s do dinner again. “ This time i did not respond and the matter was dropped. Rule of thumb. Don’t respond if you don’t want to open a can of worms. I learned that the hard way which i did mention earlier.