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May I See Your ID Please

Boyfriend: can you use this term when one is over 60? Is it  “manfriend” ? That sounds  just plain awkward .  And is it really a word? Gentleman caller? No. That puts us back in the 19th century. So can we use boyfriend? Technically, the gentleman would not be a boy or is that getting too literal?  Male friend? not really, because one can have a friend who is a male . So male friend wouldn’t necessarily transfer to being a boyfriend. Well if he is young enough, and could be  considered a boy toy, then maybe boyfriend fits. But then again , if it is a boy toy, he is clearly not a boyfriend.

One of the free dating sites has made some changes. A message was sent to all members of Plenty of Fish. Apparently there were too many “hookups”, people trolling for sex. The site wants it to be a relationship site, not a hookup site. Agreed. That is why most people get on this site, I assume,  to find a relationship, of sorts. Who am I kidding, plenty get on sites to troll for sex too. Doesn’t matter if it is a free site or a paid site.  They have now created an age limit. No one can contact anyone who is 14 years older or younger than he or she is.   The way the site worded it, was , “Why should a 50 year old man be looking for an 18 year old?” In this case, yes I agree. That is just creepy to me. And there are exceptions to any rule.  Intellectually , I understand this.   But , when I think about it, we are all adults on this site. Yes, there are sites created for hookups. But, what I say is, if you get a message or offer, that you don’t like, simply ignore it, delete it, or block it. I have done all 3 of these things, and then I move on. I even complained more than once about a member and he was deleted. My point is, if anyone likes the attention of a younger member or an older member , who is to say you can’t contact one another. I have mixed feelings about this new rule, because as I said, as a grown woman, I want to make my own choice as to whom I want to contact.

What I have encountered is some of the younger members, men in their 20’s -30’s  , even some in their 40’s, go on this site and lie about their age. Anyone can put in any age and lie.  Some write in their profiles, “I like older women so please contact me.” It is clear from their photos, they are nowhere near age 50+.

One guy contacted me who was 40 and said, “There is a new rule stating you can’t be so much younger so I am lying and saying I am 56, so I can contact older women because that is what I prefer. “ I have also received a message from a guy in his 30’s , pretty much saying the same thing. It is really funny to see a picture of a much younger guy,  and the profile says 56, or 60.  More power to them. Of course, one could argue that there are other sites that you can be any age and contact anyone, but isn’t it more fun for them to lie and try to fool everyone? To each his own. If I dont want to talk to them for whatever reason, I don’t respond, no matter what age.