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A Happy Camper

I dont camp. I don’t hike. I even made a note of that in my profile that states that I am not much of a camper or outdoorsy type of person. I added this tidbit to my profile, because there are many men out there who put these as their first 2 favorite things to do. These are my least favorite things to do. I can sit on a beach, I can walk through a park, but by then I have reached my limit. I walk,  do the elliptical, but not up a mountain or through dense brush. I am not a pris. I can get dirty with the best of them and sweat, etc. But, I am convinced no one reads the actual profiles, because camping is a big hit with some.

Why stay in a tent, when I can be in a hotel? Someone else can make my bed, that I don’t need to roll up in the morning. And , coffee is right there in my room, and a very air conditioned dining room with a lovely buffet waiting for me.


I went camping when I first got married many years ago. I didn’t camp then, in fact, I had never been camping. I grew up in New York City. But I was newly married and figured, I will go with my husband.  HA! He is from Georgia.  Yes, the New York /Georgia is another story. We went with 3 other couples.  We got everything set up, found the bathrooms, Yes bathrooms . No woods for me!

I was upset because the zipper on the tent was broken.

“I can’t sleep in a tent with the zipper broken!” I cried. “ What about bears?”

“Bears?” my “I love to camp husband,(now EX)” said to me. “A bear will not take the time to unzip the tent door. It will rip open the canvas and come in”!

Oh that helped.

The next time I went camping with him we now had 2 children, ages 3 and 5 at the time. We, well, the royal we, He , put up the tent.  We all get in the tent to get our sleeping bags ready and he kicks over the lantern. , It shatters. Kids scream. Now I am running out of the tent with 2 small children, while he cleans up the broken glass. That was my last camping trip and that was 30 years ago.  Bed and Breakfast anyone?

Wink, Wink

I decided to try another dating site-  Match.com. I left the first paying site because I really batted zero on that one. Can’t say this is starting out much different, but what the hell.

They offered me a free 72 hours- of course I couldn’t  resist a deal, but  I had to pick a package to purchase, in case I didn’t opt out of it once my 3 days are up. (which I didn’t do)  So once again I did the profile thing, filled out all my details and what I am looking for-  pretty much copied and pasted from the other site, with a few amendments.

On this site you can ‘wink for free’, or IM, or message someone- pretty much the same drill on all of  the sites, in some form or another.   I did discover that one can sign up for the site, to receive matches, trying to lure you in, without actually joining. So many winks that I do receive, I  realize, are men who haven’t joined, but can wink for free. Even if one winks back, they can’t send or receive messages, so winking is the best they can do.

As I have said FRESH MEAT.   Winks galore and 4 IM’s at once- makes a girl feel good. Many were from out of state, but you can wink at me no matter where you are. You can wink back or send a message or even ignore it . That works too. I did chat with a couple of men. Oone immediately  talked about how he is looking for the woman of his dreams to marry. Wow! They move fast here! And he is a widower ready to move on.  Let me first find out what your favorite color and movie are before I start picking out china patterns. I guess it is good to be up front so women know you are serious about meeting someone, but for someone like myself, who has been single for 20+ years, he gave me the jitters!

Another guy around 30 kept sending me messages on the site- I  told him I  was not interested in meeting, A. too young, B- not interested in general. He stopped and then decided to try again a month later.  Asked if I forgot him.

“Nope. I remember who you are.”  And he said, “well will you meet me? “Sorry” I said. “Haven’t  changed my mind.”

“We can be just friends. I won’t lick you.”

WHAT? Then came the question,  “Don’t you enjoy things like that? ( much more graphic than that, but I decided to clean it up for this) I answered and said this is why I didn’t continue the first conversation and we will never meet and  by the way,  blocked him and reported him.

One guy asked for yahoo messenger and again sent me pics that did not match the pic on his profile. Guess what? He had to delete his profile because he was only using the trial.- Not the first, won’t be the last, and it could be legit, but the fake pics scream BS.

Then he messaged me again- I couldn’t resist. I said, “you do know you sent me fake photos and we already had this conversation? He said, “yes but I want you to see I  am honest.” WHAT? you sent me fake pics! I said I  just wanted to point this out to you- (said before I cant keep quiet about these things!!)

So he writes: “I just don’t understand why I should pay for Match looking for my soulmate and l  am who I say I am  I am a honest heart looking for a healthy relationship. (lack of punctuation is genuine from the original write)

Is it me or does he sound like the same guy from Nigeria who wants to put 1 million dollars in my bank account if  I would just send him some money, or maybe just become his soulmate for life. Nah.