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And the Prize Goes to…….

This one is pretty close to winning the prize for the biggest asshole on a site.


He starts out asking how I like my martinis, since my name on the site is related to that. So I answer, “Dry, shaken not stirred.” Old line, still usable.

He responds with “on the rocks.” and adds,

“I’m attracted to older Jewish women.”  Being playful, I ask, “oh why is that?”

He comes back with “ I’ve had really great experiences.”

Then I ask, “Were you married to one? “ Quick response “NEVER.” But then added that he had experiences with Jewish women that were amazing. He has been married before for 7 years, but to a non-Jew.

He continues saying he himself is Jewish, but, he has been involved with non-Jews for the most part, but the two relationships he had with older Jewish women were so memorable. Then goes on to say he was not attracted to either of them but the sex was “off the charts.”

He explains that since he likes older women, and I prefer younger men, ( he is in his early 50’s) that if I want a lover, he would like to meet.  That he would want sex a few times a week and hang out. But, something I need to understand, “it would revolve around sex for the most part, but we need to be able to “talk and stuff.”

I respond with the fact that l am not really looking for just that.  He asks if I ever come into Maryland ( side note I am in a neighboring state) so he could buy me beer or a glass of wine. Then adds, “Do you like to be in charge?” “Oh, and what is your name?”

Need to establish we actually know each other now, I guess.


Responding, I tell him I drive to Maryland on occasion to see friends, figuring out his thought process. Little did he know I wasn’t going to be driving to see him.

He returns with, “I don’t mind driving to VA but wouldn’t want to waste the drive without a rendezvous. Think about what you might want to do.”


At this point I realize there is no way in hell I would consider seeing this man. Now I am pissed off even more, so I tell him “If you think you are “wasting” your time , don’t meet me. I don’t plan on meeting you, and not going to hop into bed. You may want to keep looking for that special someone.”

His answer to me,

“yup. not wasting the drive out.”


Well now he has managed to get me beyond annoyed, but instead of dropping the conversation, I need to end it. It’s really a bad habit. So I tell him I get plenty of offers from men on these sites who actually “waste their time to meet me.”

And apparently, thinking meet and greets are a waste of time , he ends the conversation with

“Whore away granny.” I wasn’t about to explain anything to this moron.


No one likes to be told NO. And yes, he was reported and blocked. Mostly because I was pissed off and he was an ass.