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True Crime and Maybe Dating

Not a combo I recommend. Though, if you look into many true crime stories, they do  begin with dating more often then we would like to acknowledge.  This is not to say all dates are serial killers, but I have read many stories that began with dating and ended up being a true crime story. 

But this isn’t really about dating. It is about my true crime fascination and all things related.
It does seem to be a current craze. Netflix, docuseries, books, and of course a deluge of true crime podcasts.


And I am a true follower now of many of these podcasts. I listen in my car. I listen at work with my headphones, of course. Don’t want to scare the co-workers away! Well, maybe some of them, but we can get to that another time.

I do have a few co-listeners, so we can go over details and give our brilliant thoughts on these killers and their craziness.

There are so many different types of true crime podcasts to choose from. Some are true-crime comedy podcasts. To many, that may sound contradictory, but as the ladies on My Favorite Murder (one of my favorites) say, some of use humor to get through serious events and stories and I will happily admit, I am one of these people. When my mom died, my dad and I both used humor to get through such a painful time. It doesn’t diminish your grief, but certainly helps to deal with it and get through the tough days.

There is also Small town Murder. They go from being funny to being pretty crude, but they make me laugh . Sometimes dark humor, but as others mention as well as this podcast, never about the victim . Always about the criminal or the town itself.  These stories are crazy and so unbelievable that these things have actually taken place around the good ol’ USA.


Both of these podcasts, and I am guessing others as well, curse a lot, which doesn’t bother me (I curse like a sailor sometimes), but there are a few words that always bother me and I ignore and move on.

I do listen to quite a few others, a lot more straightforward and serious. Right to the story, no banter. Just the facts ma’am. (P.S. old 60s show called Dragnet)

These podcasts are from all over. US, UK, Australia, Canada. Really, there is crime everywhere so don’t think your town, state or country will be left out.

Another favorite is Casefile, from Australia. Right to the point. An extremely thorough picture of the crime and all the details we could hope for. Really, sometimes not so pleasant. The good thing is, you can always fast forward!

Real Crime Profile and Best Case Worst Case, are also straightforward with a different twist. These are former FBI and prosecutors so we get a different aspect of the crimes.

I experiment with others, and found a few docuseries that are limited but so very interesting. And there are updates when something new occurs with the case so we stay caught up. Dirty John, Serial, Teacher’s Pet , all highly recommended.  

Once in a while, I do have to break from crime ,and I actually listen to a podcast about Hallmark movies, Deck the Hallmark.  Sometimes you just need a light-hearted break and a few laughs that have no crime or murder in them at all.

I have been a true crime obsessor since I was a child. I should clarify. Not in the sense that one may think, but in the sense of reading about and learning about people and their crimes. I started reading Nancy Drew, yes, back in the 50’s, when they were extremely popular. Now a collector item apparently! And I am happy new generations get to read these as well.  I read all the mysteries I could get my hands on starting as a kid when I used to read at night before bed. Still do as a matter of fact. And still mysteries of some sort, whether they are fiction or nonfiction.

So back to the dating. I don’t think I have dated a criminal, but looking back to previous posts, there were some sketchy guys. Really something to be on the alert about. It could be all the true crime I watch and read and listen to, but know your own gut and your surroundings. A little true crime helpful hint.

Another aspect of true crime and dating , is opening up to your date about your true crime obsession. Doesn’t always give them a warm fuzzy feeling. I will admit, I haven’t blurted it out to previous dates, but I have mentioned it. Well, they did ask me my interests and I really don’t like hiking and camping!  I don’t even mention it to everyone I know, because one does get some strange looks. My kids don’t share the same curiosity but they embrace mine. One recent Christmas in my stocking were serial killer cards. They love me.