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Answer Me!

If you get a message from someone, and you know you are not interested, do you answer them anyway? I have had some people tell me, “I answer everyone no matter what.” Usually this comes from a man. Others, both men and women I have found, say don’t answer if you dont want to start a conversation. So when you get a message that simply says “Hi” and you decide, either you aren’t attracted to that person or their profile, then don’t answer. Simple enough. But when they send a second message that says “ I see you didnt respond”, then what? Leave it alone? For me, it depends on my mood. I wrote back “ you are correct.”  I was not in a really good mood when I read it, so therefore, I did not ignore it. I am thinking that if I had wanted to return the Hi, I would have. Maybe I am busy. Maybe I dont want to. But persistence of this nature is a complete negative in my book.answer

I have initiated a few messages and if I don’t get a response, my immediate reaction is maybe they are busy or simply not interested. OK. Really my first response is, maybe they aren’t interested. Then, its, “Well, why aren’t they interested?” Then I may go to, “they could be busy.” It doesn’t take long, but I move on. I dont remind them, or persist, because if they wanted to, they would contact me.

So my persistent friend responded with, “nice meeting you. I won’t contact you again.” Yes a little huffy about it. No problem. Rejection sucks. But, was there a need for that? I did not respond- I let him get the last word in- shocking I know.

Part II: Are you  Single or Divorced?

Google definition of SINGLE : unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship.

Dictionary definition of DIVORCED : to legally end your marriage with (your husband or wife)

: to make or keep (something) separate.divorce

Is there a difference in the scheme of things? On a dating site? Maybe the guy is trying to determine if you have ever been married. I look at it, as single is single. Meaning I am not married now, therefore, I am on a dating site.

But I get asked this a lot.. Are you single or divorced? I imagine if I said Single, that would indicate:

A. I am not seeing anyone

B. I have never been married.

If I say I am divorced, Then A. I was married and now I am not.

B. I am not in a relationship.

But single means that also. Either way, I am not in a relationship.
I do get asked frequently if I am married. I usually answer, “I am on a dating site, so therefore I am single.” Well, silly me. That doesn’t hold true, Because a couple of times a month, I get a married man sending me a message, with with either no photo, or one with his head missing. And that is before the Mrs finds out!