Welcome to my blog on dating over 50 and more.  There are sites that cover all ages and there are sites that cater to the older crowd.  Truly, it doesn’t matter what age you are, because dating online is an experience that doesn’t have any age discrimination. Young or old(er),  dates are dates and it takes all kinds.

Originally from New York and now have been in VA  for over 30 years. Divorced for many years,  great family and friends, and now experiencing online dating , which took me a while to decide to try.  A  whole new world, especially  for the over 50 crowd.  We all have different experiences and hopefully sharing  them will amuse and enlighten a few.

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  1. I have been chatting with this guy for a month now; Michael – and he sent me this exact email today. word for word that is written above. I’m crushed. My gut knew, but my mind and heart didn’t want to believe.

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