I was hacked. My dating profile on Plenty of Fish was hacked. I am now a blonde,  almost 30 years younger. But I  am getting ahead of myself. I always said, in my next life , I will come back as a 6 foot blonde, but since this one is fairly short, and I  am not ready for my next life quite yet, I am officially pissed off.

At 5:30 in the morning, I received a message on the dating site through my phone app. Too early for me to worry about responding to any message. Back to sleep I go.  A minute or so later, I received another. Within a few minutes, I had 8 messages. Being me, I immediately got suspicious. Just the other night, I was saying that I hadn’t had a new message in quite a while on that site. Hmmm. I thought, wow, someone must have stuck a naked picture on my profile. Am I psychic? No just seem to have trust issues.

By the 10th message, before 6 AM , I grabbed my phone and clicked on the POF app. It asked for my password. Odd , I thought, it always opens right up.  So I entered my password, and it tells me it does not match. I have had this password for a year or so. After a few tries, I clicked on reset my password, so I entered my email. “That email,” it says, does not exist in our database. “ Now I am annoyed and a little disturbed.

Had to leave for work, so when I got to my office I tried it on my desktop, and got the same results.

On the POF site, I am looking for the little link that says CONTACT US. There isn’t one! There is a HELP section, so I go into that and nothing fits for what has taken place with my profile. They let you know how to change your password, how to edit your profile, but nothing about contacting them.

So now I have to google customer service for POF.  To me, that was a bad sign. I find a page with a phone # and an email. Try the phone #, and I hear “ THIS MAILBOX IS FULL.” Again, not a good sign.

Yes, now I am pissed off even more.

I email the customer care address and over a day later, I have had no response. I know you are as shocked as I am. Yeah right.

I can get into the search part of POF. Go to username search, enter my , or what used to be my, user name. It  pops up and suddenly I am a 34-year-old thin blonde woman. For the record, I am not.

So it has my age, my city, my profession, and 4 pictures of a blonde woman. One of which she is wearing a low-cut, short  lace dress, in pink. Pink is not my good color.  Now the mystery is cleared up as to why I received numerous messages within minutes this morning!

Everything that I had written in my profile was there, except the part that  says, “I am 34 , don’t know why it has the wrong age.” (well I know why )  It did go on about what she likes etc. Nothing bad, just generic.

But left all my other stats.

I also googled “ my profile was hacked on POF.” A few surprises there too! POF was hacked a few years ago. And yes, basically, nothing was done. Clearly, this has happened before.  There was an article that stated that POF has virtually no security on the site. That the passwords of users on the site was written in plain text, so hackers can have a field day. Take a look.


There were some forums where people asked the same question that I am dealing with, and was told to wait for the dating site to contact them. My guess, 3 years later, they are still waiting.

I finally realized there is nothing to do but wait to hear from POF. Not too optimistic about that. And, I have not created another profile on POF.

12 thoughts on “HACKED!

  1. That’s so strange! I never really liked POF’s interface (maybe it’s changed, but a few years ago it sucked). It just blows my mind that someone would hack a dating site. Maybe just to catfish someone? But why would they need someone else’s account for that?!

    1. i have no idea! that is why i thought at first i pissed someone off- but they would still have to hack to do what they did, They only changed part of it- left my age, profession etc,

      1. yes they did respond. pretty much said they do their best to prevent hacking. I stayed off the site and eventually went back with a different name and so far so good. I understand it happens more frequently that I imagined.

  2. This just happened to me. Can’t log on. Can’t reset password. Did a username search on myself and there’s somebody’s else’s picture but with most of my info still there. I’ve contacted POF and left a msg but 3 days later, still no word from them. Frustrating.

    1. i know! It took a while and I finally heard from them. I waited a while and did a new user name and profile. No idea what the purpose of the hack is .Makes no sense!

  3. Yup…got my profile hacked too. Now I see a dude in Ontario has it. Here it is, so I hope he is watching: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=92104218. Have a look. Basically he just put in different photos, changed his career, a few other things. Everything else is what I put in my profile before he hacked it. I am trying to post his picture on a bunch of different fraud sites. Don’t expect any fast response from POF, but will be surprised if I get any help from them.

  4. What happened” i called the help number they said my ip addresse was stolen and they want me to pay 100$ one time or 300$ for 5yrs of service”””

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