Check, Please

You are on a first date. A drink, a cup of coffee, or maybe dinner. Do you grab the check? Should he? Should one of you grab it and say ,” lets split it?” Here is a very interesting and somewhat controversial topic when it comes to dating. No , not up there with topics like gay marriage or fracking, but when one is dating, these things come up. I mentioned this in a previous blog post, Dutch Treat. I, personally , like the man to pay. Call me old-fashioned, but I have always experienced that, and I am not afraid to say, I like it. Most men, in my experience, don’t even hesitate to pay for the drink , dinner or coffee on the first meet and greet. And if we see each other a few times, it rarely (see blog post mentioned) comes up that I should pay or we should split it. And yes, there are always circumstance we may not know, or feminism at play, or a man who won’t feel like a man if he doesn’t pay. I actually have offered to split the check a couple of times, on the initial meeting, but the men have always insisted on paying. Even my friend in the aforementioned blog post, paid for our drinks on the first meeting. After that, it dwindled. And I noticed. check1 check

It is a personal choice in how to handle this when it arises. is it an age thing? Does it differ with the age of the man or woman? Do women want the man to know they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves in some cases, or will a man not feel like a man if the woman pays? So many questions. So many opinions.  Take a look at this link from an e-harmony blog. What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Check, Please

  1. Since men generally make more money, then they should pay. If he asks me out, he should pay. If he doesn’t pick up the tab, I think he’s a cheap ass and I won’t go out with him again.

      1. I also blogged the other day about Mr. Shorty Pants not paying for one beer and one bottled water.

  2. I don’t really think anyone should be obligated to do anything because they are male or female so I always offer to pay, if a guy insists I don’t make a scence or anything, but I really do not think it should be expected any more than a woman should be expected to clean the bathroom all of the time!

  3. I generally date men who make way more $ than I do. Not only do I expect a man to pay for our first dates (he is almost always the one who asks me out, not the other way around), but except for his birthday or another special occasion, I like him to pay. I simply can’t afford it.

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