Relationship Material

Okay ladies. Here is a breakdown of what men think is the most important personality trait a woman should have to be considered for a relationship. They are all important, but keep in mind these are personality traits. We are not looking at looks, profession, education etc.

I imagine somewhere we need to find the 4 most important traits for a man. Any suggestions?
Though I do think that all four listed for a woman, can work for a man as well, with maybe a tweak or two. Nurturing is usually reserved for women, but, I can already hear some arguing that men can be nurturing too.

I noticed on one of the dating sites, it gives an option for “relationship type”.
Here they are asking for monogamous or non-monogamous. But, they want you to add mostly or strictly. So what is mostly monogamous, as opposed to mostly non-monogamous? Wouldn’t that mean one is not monogamous, no matter how you want to word it? Am I reading it wrong?

Can we consider this a relationship trait? Here is the Google definition.
a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person.

So is monogamy a relationship trait? Maybe, throw it on the list. See what happens.

I guess if you are both mostly monogamous, or one of you is, and one is simply non-monogamous, that could work? How about loyalty? Can you be mostly loyal, or non-loyal? Is that the same as being mostly monogamous? My dog is mostly loyal, unless someone gives him a treat. Then he is mostly loyal to them. See, very confusing.


3 thoughts on “Relationship Material

  1. I hate trying to figure out that strictly/mostly (non)monogamous thing. Historically, my relationships have been strictly monogamous–I don’t tend to go on just a few dates with a lot of people; rather, I’m typically in a committed relationship. That doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily opposed to dating around. I also feel like monogamy tends to be focused more on sex (as opposed to having a relationship), but that good just be me and the people I talk to.
    This is a really thought provoking post for me. What are the qualities that I most want in a man? And what if those qualities end up manifesting in unfavorable ways? Something to think about.

  2. it is very interesting. It can certainly mean a number of things. What one is looking for and being in a committed relationship, I would usually agree about the sex and monogamy, but i think monogamous can mean emotionally as well. i think my list of qualities constantly grows in what I am looking for! thanks for reading

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