Let Me Read From You, and Other Assorted Phrases

Clearly I am not looking at the men who are looking at me.

I see someone, click on their profile and even read what they have to say.   Sometimes I message them first. Say something clever or just, “hi how are you?”

And nothing. Deadness. Darkness. I have had a couple of responses of men that are flattered that I would do that first, but it is rare. And then it fizzles out. Maybe they are just being polite. Hey, it’s happened.  And even more rare that I get a response at all.

Then I go into the “Viewed Me” section and there is a whole slew of pictures that I have never seen. Something is not synced. Not one that I can see in the “viewed me” section,  is also in the section “I viewed”. Polar opposites. Is my criteria out of whack?

I get messages , but not from the guys I look at and feel I would be interested in. Is that something that needs to be analyzed ASAP? No need. Always barking up the wrong tree and looking at, and for, the wrong men.

 Once in a very long while, I will get a message from someone I have just viewed. Well here we go again. Usually, and that is no exaggeration, they start with, how awed they are by my beauty and would I be their friend. So send me your mail or call me.

I saw a profile and thought , I will take a peek at this one. What he wrote sounded great and a fairly attractive guy , even if one of the pictures was him wearing camouflage and holding an assault rifle. The other one was just in jeans and a t-shirt. I didn’t write him, just looked. Next day I get a message from him.

“Hi Cutie. How are you ? Love your lips.”

Yes I responded anyway. “ Honesty is good” I said. “A different approach.”  Figured make light of the lip thing and see what he says.

What did he say? Your curiosity is going crazy right? Well, he began with, “ he was cool and lonely. Any man would be fortunate to have me.” And then came, “You can reply me. Let me pray you are single.”

That did it. I wrote back and said “ I am single that is why I am on a dating site.” But your message is like many others with broken English and in the military. Where are you?”

 Yep another one bites the dust.

 I have found that all of these messages, with “please reply me” and “I barely come to this site so send me your email and phone number,” “I am a widower so can we know more?”  all, within minutes to 24 hours, have deleted their accounts.

One of my favorites is “let me share my photos with you and see where chemistry hold in hands” “Let me read from you.”

Amazingly, all good looking guys who disappear as soon as you call them on their phrases and occupations. I would say 90% of these say they are in construction. When I ask what they do, I never get a straight answer. One said “I am a self-employed.”  

“A self-employed what ?’ I asked.

“Build from scratch and sell it off.”

Still trying to find someone to interpret that for me.









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