Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

Wouldn’t you think with all of this flattery (I mean BS) that I would have so many dates to choose from? Nope. Not the case. I certainly have enough words to choose from to write poetry, or to print out and line my birdcage, but not dates.

This is just a sample, 14 samples to be exact, of different men, sending messages, all clearly awed by me. This was going to be a bitch session, (OR IS IT) , but  I decided to wait for that. Plenty to choose from.

I could comment on each one, but why? I think they speak for themselves.

1. Beautiful is supposed to be a word that describes someone or something. Now that I met you I realize that beautiful is more than just a word. Beautiful speaks, beautiful talks, beautiful is sexy, beautiful breathes, and beautiful smiles. Beautiful is you.

2. decided to check on your picture I guess the first thing that came into my mind when I saw your photo was “WOW!!!”. You are DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS !!!

3. First of all, let me start by saying that I was blown away by your profile .I guess there was no need for ME to worry about overwhelming YOU with my e-mail

4. What more can i say than WOW… What a beautiful woman with a beautiful profile…just wanted to drop you a short note saying i really liked everything about you

5. I am new here and your profile caught so much of my attention .i  can’t get my eyes off your pic, you are so beautiful and lovely

6. my attention was captured by the beautiful smile on your face, “what were you thinking when you smiled” the look in your eyes as you smiled to me was literally melting my heart. It was quite impossible for me to resist the urge of getting closer to you. I would really like to know you more, are you really a single woman.

7. what a nice and sparkling smile. I wouldn’t trade that smile for anything. I got entangled in that wonderful smile, i must confess u are beautiful and will like to know what it take to steal your heart ?

8. What a nice and sparkling smile. I wouldn’t trade that smile for anything I am sure its your Charming Magic

9. Good morning beautiful..Wow, incredible profile & you are stunning, gorgeous actually. I saw your profile and it caused an unusual impact..I am interested in your profile. You have such a beautiful profile.

10. You’re so beautiful that every man would want to hold hands with you someday. Looking into your eyes alone, shows me a beautiful world. And i guess I’ll be the luckiest man getting to talk to you. If i were to present your picture in heaven, most of the angels would hide their faces in shame.

11. Hello, my charming angel , am james and i really admire your beauty a lot

12. Hi, am captivated in you as well as your profile and i would like to hit the books to know more about you

13. Such a beautiful picture. You have a magnetic and enchanting smile. Apologies to be mailing you out of the blues, as I found your profile while searching for a soul mate. I just couldn’t resist the urge to say Hello to you. You have the beauty of a goddess and the smile of an angel.

14. you are beautiful beyond words can describe. You look amazing, and stunningly beautiful. I just love that smile you are wearing. because it can make people do anything you wish. Always wear that sparkling smile. Smile. I’ m here in search of a serious relationship.Not here for Nude or Naughty purpose. I’m here in search of a soul mate. Hope to hear from you soon. Happy Easter.

Speechless yet?


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