Stood Up!

I actually got stood up. I am not sure that has ever happened before. If it did, I blocked it out, but really I think this is my first. And hopefully last.  Here is a guy who contacted me and said he would be interested in meeting. Yes, he is somewhat younger, but oh well, you only live once. We talked for a while on the dating site and he politely insisted that we meet.

“Give it a try,” he said.

I did agree to meet. He asked for my email, sent me a picture or two, and we said we would plan for a meeting.

I got a message the next day asking  when I was free. “Are you free this coming week?”  I had to decline, because I was going out of town for 5 days. So I suggested when I return we could meet. And he agreed, saying he will contact me in the next few days. Well guess what. Nothing. Okay, I thought. It made me think, well this is fate, maybe I will forget it. And I did. Even deleted him out of my email. So a month or so goes by, and guess who reappears?

Received a message saying, “Really want to meet up.”

Well, weak, or dumb, as I can be at times, I said okay. “When were you thinking?” I asked him.  He said , “let’s meet this weekend.”

I said, “Friday after work would be good for me.” He agreed, and I received messages on and off for the few days until Friday. “Lets think of a place to meet,” he said.  I suggested an area between our respective homes and he agreed. I also suggested he think of some places we could go that would be convenient to both of us and I would as well. “Will do” he answered.

I told him what time I get off work and he got off an hour later. He was going to send me a message when he left work around 5 and we would meet.

So I get home and didn’t hear from him. Instinctively, I decided not to get ready until I did hear from him. At 6:45, I get a message saying “had to work late, really, really sorry.”

I wasn’t even going to respond, but, hey, I did anyway. Had to say something.

“It would have been nice to know this 2 hours ago.” I said with a little pissiness in my email voice.

“ I am so sorry. Let me make it up to you”, he pleaded with me. How about coffee in the morning?”, he asked, since I had just made it clear I wasn’t going anywhere that evening.

I explained I had plans most of the morning and afternoon on Saturday, but that I could meet later in the afternoon. I would be home around 4.

“Perfect!” he said. “I cant wait! Lets meet for a drink, your choice,” he offered to me.

So now I am skeptical. Cautious, untrusting, go with your gut sort of thoughts going in my head.  I told him I would send him a message when I would be home and then we could meet. I did just that, saying I would be home around 4:15 and then I could meet up. And may I add, I cut short what I was doing , so I could get home in time, freshen up, and maybe try to knock off 10 years or so!

Shall we take bets at what happened next? Nah, easy money. Nothing. I hadnt heard from him on the way home or when I got home. So I decided , I  am not even going to think about getting ready until I get a response.  What I really meant was, I was not going to get ready. 3 hours later I had already eaten dinner, walked the dog and was watching a movie. When 5:00 had rolled around, I knew I was not going anywhere.

A quick update. He contacted me again a month or so later , as though nothing had transpired before. As in “hey what’s going on? Really would like to get together.” So I answered and said,” you tried that before and you couldn’t seem to make that happen.”

He says, Well I have really wanted to meet you and let’s do it tomorrow. I can come over to your house.”

I laughed, not out loud, but almost. I think a little chuckle escaped.  I said, “you know, not going to happen.“ He tried to convince me I should give him a second chance, though I had to point out we were way past the 2nd chance, and I hadn’t even met him in person. I am sure he has found someone else to not take out.

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