What’s in a Name?

Innocently, I look at the list of men that have viewed my profile. I will glance at the pictures, and scan the names. That is where I come to a dead stop. I wouldnt want to have too cutesy of a name, but maybe something catchy. I have seen the word “lonely” in the profile name, way too often. Things like “love”, “look” and “heart” are very popular too. Many use the initials of the state where they live. Hobbies seem to be popular in a name, like “sail”, “beach”, “water”, and “Harley” to name a few.


But, then there are the names that have rendered me speechless, which does not happen too often. And I will say, I have not answered any of the ones below. Well maybe just the curvy lady one because he was momentarily interesting and claimed to be in Italy. (well that is what the profile said and that only lasted 3 rounds of messages.}

Here we go:

spankaholic– self explanatory

oral exploration– again he is clear what he likes

bigboy 10 ½- I can only assume it is not his shoe size

primal objective – (he was nude. easy to tell since he clearly had no pants on)


funtobekinky– again his choice


iwillTrexu– I had to look it up on urban dictionary


ilikecurvyladies– clear

va-sadist– i knew he would not hear from me

one should not judge a book by its cover, but in this case, name judging works for me


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