This One’s a Keeper

We have all been on dates that  are painful, and seem like they may never end. And then there are the dates that you think, wow, this guy has potential. He treats you nicely, he has manners etc.

Here is an article that gives you some tips that maybe this guy you are out with, could actually be a keeper. Or at least someone you may want to continue seeing and see where it goes, Hey, it could happen. Think positive. I do try that on occasion.

And here is the other side of it, to see if you are girlfriend material.  You know it works both ways.




2 thoughts on “This One’s a Keeper

  1. I like this: “If he’s an active listener and follows up on questions he asks you, you know he’s genuinely interested and not just going through the motions,” she says. “Besides, communication skills become oh-so-handy later on!”
    A relationship is a two way thing. A deal breaker is certain when the guy doesn’t ask any questions about me and i find I’m doing all the talking and asking. And then…yes then..he’ll say at the end of our “date” you’re such a good conversationalist.
    I feel like saying, that’s because I did it for two. 🙂
    Always enjoy your posts.

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