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This One’s a Keeper

We have all been on dates that  are painful, and seem like they may never end. And then there are the dates that you think, wow, this guy has potential. He treats you nicely, he has manners etc.

Here is an article that gives you some tips that maybe this guy you are out with, could actually be a keeper. Or at least someone you may want to continue seeing and see where it goes, Hey, it could happen. Think positive. I do try that on occasion.

And here is the other side of it, to see if you are girlfriend material.  You know it works both ways.




Lost in Translation

Here is a conversation that took place with someone I actually had gone out with a few times. We had a decent time together. Good conversation, a bit boring at times, but enough where we went out more than once. We met for a drink a couple of times and then this phone call.

He: “Would you like to go out? “

Me: “Sure. When and what did you have in mind?”

He: “ Oh i dont know . I can come over.”

Me: “I thought you meant go out.”

He: “Oh we can just watch a movie at your place.”

Translation: I want to come over and we will have sex.

Second attempt, about a week later

He: “Well, what are you doing this weekend? Lets get together.”

Me: “What did you want to do ?”

He. “Hmmm maybe I can come over.”

Translation: I want to come over and we will have sex

Third attempt. a few weeks later

He:” I cant wait to see you. ”

Me: “Actually, I am not feeling well. I think I am getting a cold.”

He: “Oh you don’t feel well? Don’t worry I can take care of you”. “wink wink.”

Translation: I can come over and we will have sex.

Few days later

He: “I thought I would come over.”

Me: “Well I dont know. Lets go do something.”

He: “ Oh come on. Havent seen you in weeks.”

Me: “Lets meet up somewhere.”

He: “Oh , do you have wine?”

Translation: I could always come over and we can have sex.

He: “But if you dont , that is ok.”

Translation: We don’t need wine to have sex.

There are times persistence pays off. Then there are the times where it does not.

I’ll Come Back For You

A message arrives in my inbox of one of the dating sites. Without preamble, he proceeds to tell me how absolutely wonderful I am and that I should just email or text him. So as per usual, I asked if we could just chat on the site and he agreed without any argument.  He mentioned he lived in Colorado and was here for business. Hmmm, why put this area on your profile if you are here for a week? Alarm bell going off?… yep.

One evening a couple of nights later, I decided to text him. I don’t know why, I just did. Part bored and the other part  I confess , he was fairly good looking and caught my eye.  Yes I am well aware that maybe it was not his picture! He answered right away and mentioned that he was so glad to hear from me but he was leaving the next day. ( dont be shocked) OOOps there goes another alarm bell.  A small one.

I ask “How long have you lived in Denver?”

“5 years”, he says 

“What made you move there?”

He says, “I needed a change of scenery. I used to live in Illinois.”

I played on. “Oh why is that?”

“My wife and mother were killed in a car crash 5 years ago.”

My initial reaction was, oh my god. how awful. But, ten seconds later, cynicism took over.  I didn’t buy it. I felt bad thinking, really? Both of them? Sure it could have happened, but, the dating site reputation rears its ugly head, skepticism! 

“Sorry to hear that. I didnt want to pry, “ I answered .

He says , “Don’t worry. Ask me anything.” 

We chatted some more  and he says  “I may be going back west, but I will come back for you.”  Don’t ask me why , but I let that one slide,  thinking, WHAT?!

Next day , he texts me in the morning that he is waiting for his flight.

Afternoon text tells me he is safely home. I responded with “ good that you are home.”

Next morning, 8:30 EST, I get a text “good morning”. Suzie skeptical here, I said, “you are up early.” ( 2 hours difference)

He then says, well I couldn’t wait to check on you and see how you were.” SMALL ALARM # 3!!

I quickly mentioned that we hadn’t even met.  I truly have a hard time believing someone can be so madly in love with me after 2 text messages. Wait, I mean of course they can be madly in love with me after 2 texts. But, then I remembered I am also a cynic. One really doesn’t know who is BSing and who isn’t. Well, usually you have a good idea of who is BSing, but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. I have had many a guy lie about where he is and what he does etc, especially what he looks like.

I explained, just that. I said, “I have had guys lie about personal information and have fake pictures, so I tend to be wary.” He shoots back a text and says “ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR?”

Whoa, don’t take it personally. I am merely explaining, though the thought had been planted. In the meantime, I go back to the site and TRY to open his profile, and guess what? It is gone! Anyone hear that alarm going off again? He then writes, “I don’t want to continue this anymore.”

  Damn, I wanted to say that line! I write back, “your choice, but for the record, after 2 texts you were already coming back to get me and by the way, your profile is gone. Do the math.”

Come Here Often?

We always hear about places to go to meet men. I am not talking about a bar, but somewhere like a Home Depot. There you have men all hot and bothered looking for tools, nuts and bolts, plumbing supplies.(by the way, I have never seen men like this in my Home Depot!) You can strike up a conversation when you are browsing and try to solicit one to help you. Or go the other route and show how much you know about the tool you are thinking of purchasing. Impress them where it counts.

The grocery store. Sure, you can run your cart into someone. Maybe go to Whole Foods where they have live music, a bar, and food. None of this, I am running in to buy milk. No, it all has to be planned. A day event where you need to make sure you are looking good. You never know.


But what about the places you would NEVER want to meet a man.

Here are a few that come to mind, but to each his own!

1. Fabric store- he is with his wife under duress or he could help with the decorating

2. child support office- he could be there for a number of reasons. 1)he hasn’t paid 2) he is behind in payments. 3) looking for payment

3. unemployment line- hey it happens

4. therapist- more issues than you need to deal with

5. guns and ammo store- individual preference no doubt, but it does speak to a certain type

6. free clinic- no need for explanation

7. Game stop- a gamer? unless you are one , i would think it could be an issue as to how time is spent, or money, or your life

There are many places to meet and look for dates, or potential mates. We all know, there are countless dating sites catering to most anyone. Different religions, different ethnic groups, different lifestyles. I came across a few sites that are definitely specific.


Looking for a farmer-


How about that gamer we were just talking about?


Here is a site for those who eat gluten free. I happen to have celiac disease, which is a gluten intolerance. I have not yet gone on here, but I can see the benefits of having a similar dietary need. But I will say I have been a bit hesitant. Not sure why, but maybe I will give it a shot sometime soon.

Would love to hear if anyone has thoughts of other places to meet men/women or places you would rather not!