Gone, But Not Forgotten

Here are 2 conversations that can make your head spin. I try to think that when i get the initial “Hi” that it is legit, and that I am going to chat with someone.  Though, the first started with “My Dear”,  I was going to give it a minute , but I didn’t really need that much time. I think it was 45 seconds. Only took 2 lines to disappear.

His message: “My dear i am Doing well my dear. my name is XXX and you and what do you do ?”

My answer: “I am a librarian, you? How come your profile says you are Asian and 7 feet tall?”

His answer: (yes that would be blank ) and his profile really said that. Thought maybe he was a phenom and a basketball player.

Here is one from someone who clearly needs to study geography and job descriptions.

We both said “Hi”. What a start. The usual beginnings. “How are you?” I said “oh I am good. Tiring day, and you?” He responded that he was good too.

I decided to move this along so I asked. “what area do you live in and work in?” He answered “what have you been doing today??” I told him I worked and went to the dentist. He said “Nice”. So, being polite, I said, “what did you do?” His response:”I have been on computer for the day.” So I asked for work and he said no, he wasn’t feeling well.

“What do you do for work?”, I asked him trying to move this forward.

He says “Contraction” I knew this wasnt a typo.  “huh? what is that?” He now says “Construction and i use to build roads,houses,bridges and many more.”  I am thinking many more what? Many more things? many more bridges?”  Of course, now I cant leave it alone. A normal person would have cut it off then, but I had to see where this went.

I then asked “use to? what is it now then?”

This is what he  answered. “what do you do too??” I tell him “librarian.”

He comes back with “Tell me more about you.”

I am getting  annoyed now that he has pretty much avoided every question. So my answer is “well it seems you haven’t answered much for me. I asked what area you live and work. You said you used to do this construction but what now?”

Here is what i got: “I live in Colombia and works in here”

Here I go: “I dont understand what you are saying. Maryland?”( I actually looked up Colombia on Google becasue I wanted to be sure how Columbia, Maryland was spelled, and I confirmed it was with a U ,not an O.)  “and work ??”

Him:” I live in Colombia and works in the state.”

Me: “I am sorry you are not being clear.” Really, sometimes I wish I can leave these things alone, but I just cant. It is now a runaway train.

Me: “South America? Maryland?”

Him: “Do you have a cell phone we can talk on??”

Wrong answer ,hon.  Me :”I prefer this for now. so can you clear any of this up for me?”

Him: “what??” he is just shocked that I would be asking this

So I try again, as clear as I can be: “where you are from? city and state?  country? what you do for work and where? you havent answered anything really.”

Him: “I was Born and raised in Germany But lived in DC for 20 years now in Colombia…I work as a construction manger in Colombia.”

Me: Maryland?

Him:”no South America”

Here I go: “you see i have had many men tell me they are from Germany, live in another country but put DC on here. And the fact that you havent answered it makes me think you are one of these people.” There I said it!

Him: “Whose of who???” My network was fucking up.what do you want me to tell you now?”

Me: “I really wanted to you answer the only question I have asked . Colombia ? where?”

Him: “Mestizo Colombian”

I looked this up. Is that an area in in Colombia? Nope. Me: “Sorry that is not a place. It is a type of people.”

Him: brb

Yep Gone.


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