Below are messages I have received on various dating sites. This is the first installment since the list continues to grow. Each from a different man, though apparently they all have the same manual with limited lines. Rest easy knowing I did not respond to these, because no one could take them seriously. Though, I have considered making sure people now call me Queen or Damsel.

And it begins:

1. Good evening to you, Damsel. How was your day? Reading your profile for the first time on OKcupid so much made my day and sparkles my interest in you a lot.

You seems incredibly special to me and i will really like to get to know you better.

Anyway, Can i write you to your personal email inbox telling you more about myself?

Best wishes,


2. If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder, hold you close to me and answer with a smile, “Like this.You are very nice looking woman and i will like to know more about you..I hope to hear from you soon.You can txt me on 1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX or XXXX… .I will send you my pictures if you want to see them..

3. Hello, my charming angel , ma james and i really admire your beauty a lot and with that am hoping to get to know you more, since i just join this very site, hoping to hear from you again , thanks

4. subject: A note from DXXXX

You are beautiful and I would to know more of you…I’m new on here and Looking to make new friends and find that one man woman who will love me for who I am,You can mail me or text me your number and let have a chat….XXX-XXX-XXXX

5. You are beautiful and I would to know more of you…I’m new on here and Looking to make new friends and find that one man woman who will love me for who I’m…….xxx-xxx-xxxx

6. Hey Queen

What can i say now than WOW…… What a beautiful woman with a beautiful profile. i don’t think i remember how to introduce myself to a queen like you. I think i must start by saying Hi, I am XXXXX. i am new to this site but luckily i came across your profile and damn…. it made my heart skipped, i just have to click on the message button and say Hey Queen, you are the most beautiful lady i have ever seen.

Would you mind sending me an email to my personal email cos i don’t come here often so just email me directly to my personal email address… XXXX@Yahoo.Com

I can’t wait to hear from you.

7. Hi Pretty,

How are you today? I truly like your prospect of values and character. I’m looking for my soul mate, my one true love, A lady who is honest and sincere. Someone who is seeking for a true and a serious relationship. Life can get too complicated, Make good decisions. When you find someone special don’t screw it up, you may not get a second chance. Time passes so quickly and you never know what God has in store for you tomorrow. Cherish each day and person in your life as it would be the last day or last time you see them. Love have no place on earth – it’s just two people that can decide where earth and love is,I would be so happy if we can communicate and get to know each other better and see where our lives could take us .I appreciate every minutes that I spent going through your profile. xxxx

2 thoughts on “PART 1- WOULD YOU REPEAT THAT?

  1. Hi-

    My collection Missi’s Dating Adventures is all about her unsuitable dates. This is an off shoot of my novel The Dating Club, which I am still working on, though quite progressed on it. Your post made me think what would be a really good message to receive on an online dating site. What are we women looking for? Any suggestions out there?

    As for myself, I like short and sweet introductions such as I read your profile and thought we might have things in common. Have a look at mine and see if you agree. No need to brag. I dislike profiles of men who say ask me any question about me…Yeah…and what about me? Is this all about you? Anyway, I could rant and rave about my online experiences. Just one more thing. What is it with men who don’t post a photo because they say they don’t know how to or would send one on my personal e-mail!

    1. Hi- your books sound like my life. definitely have to read them. maybe i can do a sequel! ha
      i agree. I like short and to the point intros. “how are you?” read your profile and thought i would say hi. Hope to hear from you” one site i had someone say hey they tell me we are an 86% match. We should chat and see.”
      not too bad. But don’t tell me you can only upload a pic on yahoo and not on the dating site or you have only one day left before you subscription ends!
      thanks for the comment too!

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