Honestly I Never Lie…… Really

One evening I was on the site when I recieved a message from someone,  who seemed to  be a  handsome looking man in his fifties.  We chatted and he said he wanted to learn about me.  I gave him some minimal information,  without revealing too much. Then, after a bit he said do you have a yahoo address? I have had this before- they seem to want to move off the dating site to chat- either the IM on the site is “too slow”, or he is having trouble on the site. These are reasons I have heard before , so immediately I am suspicious. He tells me he is in the army. Oh, I said, what do you do? He says “I am on a peacekeeping mission”, (which, to me,  is an odd way of saying what you do and where you are) so I  ask, are you in Afghanistan? He says yes, Kabul. I will be home in 3 months- this is my last mission. So after a bit, I gave him my yahoo email and he sent me a few  pictures- one in fatigues, one in front of  a helicopter, and one lounging on a chair in civilian clothes.  He tells me his rank and that he has 37 men under his command. Now he gives me his name, Roy James. (Just to note, I do not use names in this but , since I am sure it is not his name, and is very relevant to the story, I am putting it here.)  Now, he asks if we can get on yahoo messenger video. Wouldn’t normally agree,  but this way I could confirm a few things, because woman’s intuition was kicking in. We went on yahoo messenger and I immediately say, you look very different than your picture. He says  oh yes, my men told me I have put on a few pounds. I am thinking, well I don’t know if the problem is that you have gained weight, because I haven’t ever  seen you, but he definitely wasn’t looking too much like the pictures he had just sent me. I think to myself, why not send something current? So now my senses are really kicking in and I decide to cut the conversation short and say I have to go.  

The next day I get on the site and someone else  IM’s me. This one has no picture, but I begin chatting anyway.  Where do you live I ask- his profile said New Jersey. He said I am away from home. I am on a peacekeeping (his word) mission . I am in the army. Sound familiar? Where I ask- Kabul, he says.  But, he adds, I am going to be home in in 3 weeks- this is my last mission. Remember bachelor #1, was 3 more months.  I ask what is your rank, and yes, it was the same as bachelor #1, but his job was just a bit different. Then,  here we go, do you have a yahoo address? Why? I ask.  I am having trouble downloading my pictures, he says.  OK that was a new one I  hadn’t heard yet. I do give him my address because now I want to see his pics, because there is an alarm going off in my head. He says his name is Alex James. hmmmm , seeing a pattern? Yep same last name,  Maybe you have guessed it….. it was the same man in  the pics from bachelor # 1, but different shots. One was on a carrier, one was with another man at a party, and one was by a house.  I nearly choked!  I said, hold on- and told him I was chatting with someone the day before and he sent me pics of the same man. What, he screams, in email language, someone is using my pictures?? I reply that I really have no idea what is going on but I will find out. He says, give me his email address. Yeah right! No, I think I will handle this myself I say and scurry off yahoo.

The next day, day # 3, I get messages from ‘both’ gentlemen, each in a snit because “someone is using his pictures”. Separately, I email them and say,  both army, both in Kabul, last mission, home soon and same person in pics. Then I add, do not email me again, Well Roy , bachelor # 1, emails me anyway, and says who is using my pictures? how is that possible? I was brought up not to lie! REALLY? I did not respond at all. And then later on that day he sent an IM again and 2 days later a few  BUZZ messages on messenger though he has been deleted  from my contacts.  

Fast Forward, to another dating stie, Chemisty.com that I joined also. Guess who? Different name, different location, but it was definitely one of the “James boys”. Same guy, different poses. I also received a message on Chemistry from “Edward”, army fatigues, location-kabul, and yes a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. Different photo. I think there is  a gang called The Peacekeepers, infiltrating dating sites everywhere.


Just a quick update, I have had 3 more instances where I have received messages,  from 3 different men, different names and locations, all with the same man in the photo as both James boys. Busy busy man . Couldn’t resist so I wrote back and said you have tired this many times before on 3 different sites  with the same pics, different names. OOOPS. No response. Until next time.


5 thoughts on “Honestly I Never Lie…… Really

  1. I love the title of your blog. You are very patient. I’ve been on so many disappointing dates that i can’t keep track of…although I did use them as material for my writing. But I’m still hoping for my luck to change.

    1. thank you so much! i think my patience comes from knowing i will get more stories! amazing to me that so many can be disappointing! i am hoping for more positive results ,though those stories wont be as humorous!

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