Around the World in 36 Hours

3 men contacted me within a 36 hour period. Here are their brief stories.

First candidate is a guy from Florida. Nice looking man, says hello, would I like to chat? Sure, why not.  I ask where he lives and he says, South Beach near the water- What is your favorite color?

Am I not following this?  So far,  I  figured out,  yes, the beach is definitely near the water.  He continues with “the beach is beautiful.. I love laying in the sun, swimming in the Ocean, walking in the sand, love the way the sand feels on my feet, looking for shells, sunsets, sunrises and making love on the beach..i wish you will be my company”? I am still working on the leap to what my favorite color is and now he wants my company. I ask why he wants my favorite color and he says to get to know you better. I would go with other pertinent  information , but then again, I am not sure I would be chatting about making love on the beach just yet either.

I ask what he does for a living and he says a general contractor. Generic enough. I can go with that.  Then I ask if he works in Miami  and he says he is from Germany and works in Ghana! What happened to Miami and all of the lovely beaches and warm sand?

i am deciding do I prolong this or just not answer? He then says send me your email because I have lost my account! Remember the red flags from previous  posts? Didn’t have to think about prolonging anything.  Don’t worry, I didn’t answer, and my German who is in  Ghana , dreaming of the beaches in Miami  love interest, has sailed away.

At the same time, I received a message from a gentleman- no that is wrong- you’ll see why. A guy in Australia, who by the way, he says,  is on an oil rig in Singapore. I can’t make  this up really.  Though he did have pics of the oil rig so either he did an image search on Google or he is really there.  We had a nice conversation to begin with- what do you do-you are so attractive- what is your email ?  I  gave him one I use for this  purpose, ( No,  I didn’t share this email with my beachcomber in Ghana- just  a gut feeling, which I should have extended to my Australian in Singapore) and he sent me more pics of the oil rig and one of him. He says I hope you are not offended- why would an oil rig offend me?  So I  opened the last pic and it was clearly a penis and not an oil rig. I do know the difference – this was my first oil rig pic.

The last third of this trilogy was a young 33 year old , married, happily, he informed me, but is always looking for a fling. His word not mine. He explained that his wife knows about his extra fun, but not that he is on a dating site. We have to have some private things, don’t we?  He has no idea why she is understanding of this, but says, as long as she doesn’t hear about his escapades, it works .  His profile clearly states all of this. No secrets with him. Oh unless you are the wife. Darn. Passed up another one.

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