You Talking to Me?

Lets discuss the 40 something man who sent me a message.  Love your profile. I find you so attractive. Then, tell me, what you are looking for on this site? Immediately I am thinking, what am I looking for? Is that a trick question? Should I even answer? Well, if I am in an adventurous mood I will answer, and needless to say, I did. Lets see, I am looking for someone to date and have fun. Generic enough I thought. So his next message was , shall I say, blunt.  Right to the heart of the matter.  “Are you interested in a sexual relationship?”   No beating around the bush for this one. Usually they build up to it and pretend to make conversation first.  Being playful ( not always recommended) I said, “no not really. Though they seem to find me”. His response, and I will say within seconds was “ Are you a submissive?” Didn’t see that one coming! (must have read 50 Shades of Gray and thought he would jump on the bandwagon)

Have to say, that one threw me! No more being playful because this guy means business. NO! I answered . One would figure he will move on. Not a chance. Seems to be a trend . He comes back with “Oh I don’t mean I like pain or to give pain ( always a plus in my book) I just like to be in control. He continues with, I like to tell the woman what to do. So what do you think?  NO!  One word. Simple answer. No thinking involved. Should I tell him I don’t like to be told what to do, and it stems back to my childhood?  Nah, why open that can of worms! This time it worked. No more contact. Whew. I am sure there is some lonely submissive out there waiting for him.

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