A Match Made in Heaven

I do wish the men would read my profile carefully, or maybe I should say, just read it! I guess many look at the photo and then the immediate profile, age, location,  and picture. You see,  I have gotten many responses from men  who love camping , hiking, fishing , etc. And,  I will say, without shame, my profile clearly states , A. I grew up in a city.  And B. I am not the “outdoorsy” type. This was confirmed when I received a message from a very nice outdoorsy gentleman, from Alaska, and yes, he was holding a fish. A very large fish, which I will assume he was quite proud of. I did thank him for the compliments he had given me,  and we had a brief discussion on Alaska and weather and that was that. I do feel bad not complimenting his fish.

There were a few I would decide to pursue. Well pursue is probably too strong of a word. I would say more like,  send a message and see what happens. I found I prefer to receive a message and then respond , rather than being the one to initially send the message first . I have done that and gotten no response. I didn’t like that. Rejection issues?

I have had some very interesting conversations on the message board of the website, but unfortunately, just when I think a guy sounds nice, he then goes for the sex card.  Flattery will get you nowhere. You are sexy, beautiful, are you looking for a sexual relationship?  Blunt and to the point. They may offer dinner first, some do, some don’t.  But, clearly, if I chose to,  I could  fill my nights, and even some days, with these “generous” men .

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