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Picture This

And the picture offers! The usual approach is,  men begin chatting on the site with you, then they say lets exchange email addresses because it is easier. Easier, I thought, why is it easier ?  We are emailing now. Then the light bulb goes off. There are restrictions on the dating site but not on yahoo, g-mail, etc.  There are  message communications and also instant messaging on these sites. Well, even so, I fell for it  before I thought it through. I exchanged emails with one gentlemen.  I use that word loosely.   We chatted the usual pleasantries and he said,  would you like me to send you a picture? I saw your picture I mentioned.  No, he said, i mean other pictures so you can “see” me. I don’t consider myself naive, and sometimes  dare I say , savvy, so I  thought for a moment and suddenly it hit me!  I don’t want naked pictures!.  “Are you sure?”  he offered. Positive,  I couldn’t emphasize enough.  So, he decided to send me  pictures anyway.  Did I look ? Well yes,  yes I  did.  Curiosity kills the cat , etc.  First time,  I admit, anyone sent me  pictures of that nature.  Though, I will say , other offers have come though. Quite a few men were more than willing to share the family jewels with me, but yes, I declined.   But,  admittedly,  when I received them ,  I had to look! It is like a train wreck. You don’t want to look, but for some reason, you do anyway. He is now off my list of potential anything. (okay so the pics weren’t that impressive either.) Why do men feel the need to send these pictures? Are they trying to impress me with their physical attributes ? No idea, that is a psychologist’s job. But my thought is, for me, if that is all you have to offer, then  you need to broaden your horizons.



A Match Made in Heaven

I do wish the men would read my profile carefully, or maybe I should say, just read it! I guess many look at the photo and then the immediate profile, age, location,  and picture. You see,  I have gotten many responses from men  who love camping , hiking, fishing , etc. And,  I will say, without shame, my profile clearly states , A. I grew up in a city.  And B. I am not the “outdoorsy” type. This was confirmed when I received a message from a very nice outdoorsy gentleman, from Alaska, and yes, he was holding a fish. A very large fish, which I will assume he was quite proud of. I did thank him for the compliments he had given me,  and we had a brief discussion on Alaska and weather and that was that. I do feel bad not complimenting his fish.

There were a few I would decide to pursue. Well pursue is probably too strong of a word. I would say more like,  send a message and see what happens. I found I prefer to receive a message and then respond , rather than being the one to initially send the message first . I have done that and gotten no response. I didn’t like that. Rejection issues?

I have had some very interesting conversations on the message board of the website, but unfortunately, just when I think a guy sounds nice, he then goes for the sex card.  Flattery will get you nowhere. You are sexy, beautiful, are you looking for a sexual relationship?  Blunt and to the point. They may offer dinner first, some do, some don’t.  But, clearly, if I chose to,  I could  fill my nights, and even some days, with these “generous” men .

Age is Just a Number

Many a younger man, will explain, or attempt to explain,  that they are very mature for their age.  I have had messages from young men, that said,  I know you are looking at my age, but don’t.  These are , lets say, guys somewhere between 21-29 . But , really,  they insist, don’t pay attention to numbers.  Age is just a number. I have heard that from men in their 30’s and 40’s, as well. Though somehow, I can  accept that much easier from someone who is not younger than my own children! Those are the ones I simply don’t respond to. I did do that once, well maybe twice.   Trying to be nice and polite, I answered one young man, who was 26, and thanked him for the compliments he had given me in his message.  Know  where that got me? Exactly!  He proceeded to do his best to convince me to meet up with him because we would have fun and , don’t forget, age is just a number. So , one more message, thanks but no thanks. At least most listen to their elders.

But many do not, and the messages keep coming. Eventually they get the picture. One time I answered someone who was 37.  His message , in both French and English, ( I think I was supposed to be impressed, but i had to go to Google translate) asked how long I had been in the area. Hadn’t had that one yet. I answered, over 30 years, moved to VA when you were a baby. Do I need to add,  I did not receive a message back?  Some just don’t see the humor in that.

One receives messages through the site from those interested in your profile. Some are quite nice. How are you ? Love your profile, great smile. Hey, I am from NY also  and we have so much in common. But then you have the more blunt, aggressive messages.

Love older women, they know what they want, no games . Wow, a librarian has always been my fantasy. Do you wear glasses? One even threw in Marion the Librarian from the Music Man! Yes he was older, because I am not sure  anyone under 50 would be that familiar with  the show , The  Music Man.

Let’s not leave out the married men .  Very politely, they  asked if I would be interested in a dalliance (my word, not theirs) being they were in an unhappy marriage and we would both benefit. How thoughtful looking out for my well being.

Another grouping are the men traveling to the area from out-of-town. Many a time I am offered an evening out because they will be in town for business. Don’t they have escort services for that?

There is a section where you can go through the list of who viewed you.  As i said earlier, you can see who has viewed you, so think before you click!

I had an African prince, so he claimed, but  the outfit definitely was some sort of  confirmation.  A native American, headdress and all.  Beards, overalls, suits, camouflage, and visuals of fish, dogs, babies, and anything else they think will enhance their desirability. And, a few  I am convinced, were  perfecting their manifestos in a cabin in the woods.