The Fun Begins

Now a few weeks pass by, and I am discouraged with the whole dating thing already. Try Plenty of Fish,  a veteran online dater offered to me. Plenty of Fish i asked? I couldn’t decide if that name was as tacky sounding as I was hearing it, but thought , is it really any worse than some of the others? I decided to research it. This one is a free dating site, so once again i filled out all of the questions, and profiles, added some pictures and voila! i am out there. This site has no age restrictions( there are now age restrictions of a sort which I will discuss in the near future) and now the fun begins. Let me throw in , yet another confession. I am attracted to younger men. Yes, sadly 50 is now considered a younger man given my just over 60 status, but younger is younger.  Doesn’t mean I rule out others, Though, just as a precaution, my daughter gave me a rule- no one near her age or younger. Not to worry i said. You are 35! though really the temptations are out there!

 POF, as we online daters refer to the Plenty of Fish site, has , as i said, all ages. So now I started keeping track. The youngest that I have had contact me is 19. i should say 18, because he was turning 19 in a few months! This boy was in high school. Did his mother know he was on this site, searching for older women ? Mommy issues? Boredom? I didn’t want to ask.  The oldest so far is 82. He was a  very kind, polite gentleman whose message asked if I had an age limit? I never had that question in the older category! It was always in the 18-30 category so I was bit taken aback. I did politely message him back and told him I lean towards my age or younger. He was very polite and didn’t bother me about it.

Again he was not my cup of tea. but as i said, don’t respond if you don’t want to open a can of worms. But he was so polite I felt the need to be polite back. Truly , a man within my age range, will have lots more in common to talk about. Sadly, some of the conversation will turn to which joints are acting up and how much one creaks when getting out of bed in the morning. though,with younger men, you tend to want to hide any creaking parts or ailments that may be presenting themselves that particular week. Though , I do have limitations.  I mean if you don’t know who the Beatles are, or are amazed that i was alive during Woodstock, then maybe we just need not to have a conversation.

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